Shin Godzilla — A Review

October 15, 2016

Of course I saw Shin Godzilla. Twice. I’m sorry it was only in the theater for 3 days. I’m even more sorry those three days were Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday so it didn’t even get 1 decent weekend to rack up the ticket sales and prove how much of a fan base there is here in the US for Toho’s King of the Monsters. Still, Shin Godzilla brought in over…


Shin Godzilla Coming to Theaters: One Might Even Be Near You

September 16, 2016

That’s right Godzilla fans. Shin Godzilla will open at select Theaters in the US on October 11, 2016. I already have my ticket and let me tell you, an overnight trip wasn’t out of the question. Fair disclosure: As near as Godzilla Momma can tell, this movie is subtitled and not dubbed. It has broken box office records in Japan and is being hailed as a masterpiece. I’ve seen some…


Shin Gojira/Godzilla and Kong Skull Island News

July 24, 2016

Excellent news out of Funimation Films this week. They have acquired the rights to release Shin Godzilla in late 2017 in theaters in the US. So not only will we get to see Shin Godzilla, but in a theater. I was also pleased to read that they are not going with the name Godzilla Resurgence but actually keeping the original name from Toho, Shin Godzilla. From what I’ve seen of…


New Godzilla toys from BANDAI: Godzilla Toho Monsters Press Conference

July 1, 2016

I was cruising on the line and stumbled across these adorable little toys, which I totally want for my collection. The Godzilla Toho Monsters Press Conference toys from BANDAI are a line of figurines that are designed to go into the capsules of gachapon vending machines. Is it wrong of me to want to fly to Japan just to buy toys out of vending machines? These adorable little figurines are…


A Book That Looks At The History and Cultures Surrounding Godzilla

December 30, 2015

Ok well I’m sure that plenty of people have written papers about Godzilla. It’s fairly well known that Godzilla was Japan’s answer to the Nuclear Bomb. As the only country to ever go through a nuclear holocaust Japan has a unique perspective and used that perspective to show the horrors of nuclear war through the vehicle of the Godzilla series. Godzilla, himself, is an avatar for the nuclear bomb. Knowing…


Shin Godzilla/Godzilla Resurgence

December 14, 2015

First, despite my excitement about a new Toho produced Godzilla, as far as I have been able to find, there is no US release date as of the time of this publishing. I eagerly await the US release. Also the nerdverse appears to have had mixed feelings about the new Godzilla design. It’s not as clean and, dare I say, pretty looking as some of the latest Godzillas. But I…


Zone Fighter, A Little Known Toho Production

December 4, 2015

Because GodzillaMomma is about all things Godzilla and Kaiju, but especially Godzilla it is time to talk about an obscure little television series called Zone Fighter. More directly translated Meteor Human Zone, Zone Fighter was Toho’s answer to Ultraman. When I first discovered this show existed the first thing that popped into my head was, “How could i have not known about this?” My grandmother was our family’s first Godzilla…