IDW’s Godzilla Comics

July 7, 2016

I’ve had the pleasure of reading several of the IDW Godzilla comic runs. I’m only about half way through the Half Century War I’m afraid but I will finish that one up. After all I’ve only got a quarter century to go. So far my favorite, far and away, has been Godzilla Cataclysm. The story line was fantastic. The monster battles epic and there was a humanity to that one…


NECA Pacific Rim Delux Otachi Flying Version

July 5, 2016

NECA Pacific Rim Ultra Deluxe Kaiju Otachi Flying Version Action Figure, 7″ is one of my favorites in my case. While it may only be 7″ tall it’s wingspan is nearly 2′. This figure sits nicely in its stand and I’ve had no trouble with it at all. The detailing is very nice and the coloration also is nice. This Otachi is taken straight from the movie and her battle…


There Is News of Pacific Rim 2 And It Is Good.

July 3, 2016

That’s right Kaiju groupies, not only does Pacific Rim have a lead actor but also it now has an official release date. No longer languishing in the hinterlands of unknown space and time, Pacific Rim is now scheduled to be released on Feburary 28 of 2018! Ok, yes that’s a ways out there but it’s better than being adrift in the void with no hope of a sequel. Now from…


Follow Godzilla Momma on Twitter

July 3, 2016

Godzilla Momma has a twitter account and you can check it out at: Today we’ve been semi-live tweeting the El Rey Network Godzilla marathon Kaijuly Roareth.


New Godzilla toys from BANDAI: Godzilla Toho Monsters Press Conference

July 1, 2016

I was cruising on the line and stumbled across these adorable little toys, which I totally want for my collection. The Godzilla Toho Monsters Press Conference toys from BANDAI are a line of figurines that are designed to go into the capsules of gachapon vending machines. Is it wrong of me to want to fly to Japan just to buy toys out of vending machines? These adorable little figurines are…


Kaijuly Roarth 4th of July Godzilla Marathon on El Rey Network

June 25, 2016

The kind folks at El Rey Network sent me the schedule for their forthcoming (chortle) Godzilla marathon on the fourth of July. This will give you something to do after you’ve done your fireworks but can’t sleep yet because that one neighbor is still setting off a stash of fireworks he’s been hoarding since 1954. So mark your planner for the movies you don’t want to miss. CELEBRATE FOURTH OF…


Godzilla Oblivion Issues #2 and #3 Reviews

June 24, 2016

Ok, so Godzilla Momma got the flu (like the actual CDC official flu) and it was horrible. Get your flu shots my Godzilla friends. Don’t suffer needlessly. But now I’m back. Without a ton of spoilers: Godzilla Obliviion #2 picks up where issue #1 left off: Bad things are happening. Death, destruction and general mayhem are spreading throughout the world. People are unhappy. Governments are unhappy. Our protagonists, arguably our…


GodzillaMomma at Emerald City Comic Con

March 28, 2016

GodzillaMomma has tickets to the Emerald City Comic Con this year. I’m looking very much forward to the Bluefin booth and the Weta booth. There is also a delightful vendor with all kinds of nifty toys and collectables from Japan who shows up. I hope he’s there this year, I really do. I was hoping to have a Biollante cosplay ready for the ECCC but work, illness and other things…


Mothra vs. Godzilla (Godzilla vs. The Thing)

March 2, 2016

1964 brings us the 4th movie in the Godzilla series and the addition of a new monster to the Godzilla menagerie: Mothra. Mothra had her first movie in 1961, separate from any interaction with Godzilla. In this movie we start to get a sense of who the regular actors will be in Godzilla movies. There are a number of actors that show up time and again in a variety of…


A Magazine and Convention for Godzilla Fans

February 4, 2016

So, you may be wondering, what with all of the Comic Conventions going on all over the place–is there a convention dedicated to Godzilla and other Kaiju for fans? Well the answer to that would be yes, my friends. Yes there is. It’s called G-Fest and it happens in the summer. This year G-Fest XXIII, as with previous G-fests, will be held in Chicago, IL. Specifically it will be held…