What to get the Godzilla Fan on your Holiday List Pt. 1

November 22, 2016

With Thanksgiving fast upon us and Black Friday right upon its heels it is time for Godzilla Momma to post some gift ideas for the Godzilla fan on your gift list. For my first suggestion I would like to submit something less traditional: Tickets to G-Fest. G-Fest is an annual convention that celebrates Godzilla and Kaiju of all kinds. It is held every year in Chicago Il. It is held…


GodzillaMomma at Emerald City Comic Con

March 28, 2016

GodzillaMomma has tickets to the Emerald City Comic Con this year. I’m looking very much forward to the Bluefin booth and the Weta booth. There is also a delightful vendor with all kinds of nifty toys and collectables from Japan who shows up. I hope he’s there this year, I really do. I was hoping to have a Biollante cosplay ready for the ECCC but work, illness and other things…


SH FigureArts Ultraman

March 6, 2016

So SH MonsterArts has a FigureArts division. Of course they do. For the 50th anniversary of Ultraman SH Figurearts is releasing an Ultraman 50th Anniversary Eddition figure. This high quality figure is due out in Summer of 2016. This figure comes with a ton of accessories too, including interchangable hands, spectrum ray effect parts and interchangable color timer, among other fun things. Since Ultraman needs a foe to set up…


A Magazine and Convention for Godzilla Fans

February 4, 2016

So, you may be wondering, what with all of the Comic Conventions going on all over the place–is there a convention dedicated to Godzilla and other Kaiju for fans? Well the answer to that would be yes, my friends. Yes there is. It’s called G-Fest and it happens in the summer. This year G-Fest XXIII, as with previous G-fests, will be held in Chicago, IL. Specifically it will be held…