Shin Godzilla — A Review

Shin Godzilla Promotional Photo
Shin Godzilla Promotional Photo
Of course I saw Shin Godzilla. Twice.

I’m sorry it was only in the theater for 3 days. I’m even more sorry those three days were Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday so it didn’t even get 1 decent weekend to rack up the ticket sales and prove how much of a fan base there is here in the US for Toho’s King of the Monsters.

Still, Shin Godzilla brought in over $1 Million dollars in that three days. Not to bad for a film that was never dubbed only subtitled and had next to no advertising campaign.

I am very grateful that it did get a theatrical release no matter how short and inconvenient. I eagerly await a region 1 Blu-ray release. And I really really hope there is one. Soon.

My first impression of Shin Godzilla is that it was overwhelming. It was a wholly captivating and engrossing experience that demanded the viewer’s entire attention and focus.

My second impression is that this movie was very thoughtfully and lovingly crafted.

It took me several days to process all of my impressions and come up with my overall thoughts on the movie. I believe, in my opinion, that Shin Godzilla is the best Godzilla movie I’ve ever seen.

Now to be fair the only other ones I’ve seen in theaters were the 1998 Not Godzilla movie starring Matthew Broderick (whom I really like), and the 2014 Gareth Edwards Godzilla. So perhaps part of my impressions of Shin Godzilla are because seeing it on the big screen was–cosmic.

Normally I try to avoid spoilers on the internet but I was so excited to see Shin Godzilla that on two occasions I clicked on them. And they did nothing to prepare me for what I saw in the movie.

The tone was consistent throughout and it carried the movie to its horrifying conclusion. We see human beings struggle to defend themselves against something that out-classes them on every level and yet is something that they are in a very real way responsible for creating.

I absolutely love that this was a full reboot. It was handled beautifully and with great attention to detail.

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