Shin Gojira/Godzilla and Kong Skull Island News

Excellent news out of Funimation Films

SH MonsterArts Shin Gojira
SH MonsterArts Shin Gojira
this week. They have acquired the rights to release Shin Godzilla in late 2017 in theaters in the US. So not only will we get to see Shin Godzilla, but in a theater. I was also pleased to read that they are not going with the name Godzilla Resurgence but actually keeping the original name from Toho, Shin Godzilla.

From what I’ve seen of the two television spots for Shin Godzilla it appears that Toho has gone back to Godzilla’s roots because he looks scary again. He looks wounded, angry and on a rampage. What really convey the horror and terror of Shin Godzilla, in my opinion based upon very meagre information are the teeth and eyes.

The first trailer for Kong Skull Island dropped at SDCC and I must say that it looks good. So many big names too. I must confess that I have somewhat high hopes for this reboot. Anyway, check out the official trailer here:

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