Strangely Wonderful Doctor Strange 2nd Trailer

Poster for Dr Strange
Poster for Dr Strange
Oh yeah! The second trailer for Doctor Strange was dropped at SDCC, natch. It’s strangely wonderful. I am looking forward to this movie.

So, of course, as we have known for some time, Benedict Cumberbatch is starring in this film as Doctor Strange, which is awesome. Some other notable stars include Chiwetel Ejiofor as Baron Karl Mordo. I enjoyed his portrayal of Vincent Kapoor in The Martian and so expect to enjoy his presence in this movie as well. Benedict Wong will play Wong in Doctor Strange; he played Bruce Ng in The Martian. Tilda Swinton will play The Ancient One, I’ve always found her to be memorable. I loved her as Gabriel in Constantine and The White Witch in Narnia.

Marvel’s Doctor Strange is due for its theatrical release on November 4, 2016. I’m sure it’ll be strange and fantastic. Going by the trailers it looks to be another origin story and I must confess that I have a weakness for good origin stories. Doctor Strange has a great origin story in the comics. So I’m really looking forward to this movie while trying to walk that fine line between anticipation and buying into too much hype.

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