The Fine Folks of MST3K will be Live Riffing 1961’s Mothra

1961 Mothra
1961 Mothra
It has come to our attention that Rifftrax Livewill be doing a live showing/riffing of the 1961 Toho classic Mothra. Mothra did not appear in a Godzilla movie until 1964 in Mothra vs. Godzilla.

MST3K (Mystery Science Theater 3000 for the uninitiated) just completed a successful Kickstarter to film new episodes of their show. These plucky and funny people view movies and riff on them, bringing comedic life to movies that for a variety of reasons have languished, forgotten and unwatched since their release. Occasionally they get the rights to a cult classic or a movie with a fan following. They riffed most, if not all of the original Gamera movies in their heyday and I know they riffed Godzilla vs. The Sea Monster too.

In fact you can get a collectors tin of MST3K vs. Gamera on Amazon. The movies are painful but the MST3K folk and bots make them funny.

The cast of MST3K will be live riffing Mothra in select theaters through Fathom Events. You can get your tickets here.

This will be an excellent chance to see Mothra on the big screen while the bots and comedians of MST3K crack wise. Mothra will be given the MST3K treatment on August 18th.

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