IDW’s Godzilla Comics

IDW's Godzilla The Half Century War
IDW’s Godzilla The Half Century War
I’ve had the pleasure of reading several of the IDW Godzilla comic runs. I’m only about half way through the Half Century War I’m afraid but I will finish that one up. After all I’ve only got a quarter century to go.

So far my favorite, far and away, has been Godzilla Cataclysm. The story line was fantastic. The monster battles epic and there was a humanity to that one that is tough to beat. It was a very poignant and emotionally wrenching story. Plus Biollante was one of the major characters and I really like Biollante.

I’ve barely managed to scratch the surface of Godzilla: Rulers of Earth. So far what I’ve read is super interesting but there are 25 issues in the story arc and I came late to that party. I picked up several back issues at a comic con (I know–I actually bought comics at a comic con, crazy) and I will get to read them.

IDW’s Godzilla in Hell wasn’t my favorite. I didn’t feel that the contemplative story type was a good vehicle for Godzilla. My opinion on that matter seems to be in the minority, in fact a minority of one so far as I can tell, which is ok. It’s just my opinion. From my local comic book shop I’ve heard that the Godzilla in Hell run has generated a lot of interest in the Big G. This is excellent news.

The more Godzilla fans the better and I am glad that there are Godzilla stories for everyone. Much like the movies there is a range and variety to appeal to every Godzilla fan. I’m glad that other people are enjoying Godzilla in Hell. It is a well done story arc and the art is fabulous.

IDW hires exceptional artists and story writers for their comics, at least as far as I can tell. They are really treating Godzilla with the care that he deserves.

Currently we are 4 issues into the 5 issue run of Godzilla Oblivion and the story is so good that I’m favorably comparing it to Cataclysm. The final issue will be the deciding factor as to whether Cataclysm remains my favorite story arc or if Oblivion surpasses it. Now it’s just the waiting game for the final issue to be published.

I don’t know what IDW has planned for Godzilla next but I’m looking forward to it.

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