NECA Pacific Rim Delux Otachi Flying Version

Otachi vs Godzilla
Otachi vs Godzilla
NECA Pacific Rim Ultra Deluxe Kaiju Otachi Flying Version Action Figure, 7″ is one of my favorites in my case. While it may only be 7″ tall it’s wingspan is nearly 2′. This figure sits nicely in its stand and I’ve had no trouble with it at all. The detailing is very nice and the coloration also is nice.

This Otachi is taken straight from the movie and her battle with Gipsy Danger as she is missing her tail. Her wings are gorgeous and just right for setting up action scenes with other toys.

I’ve placed her menacingly over one of my broken Striker Eurekas which works out well. Having a broken Striker Eureka has opened up all kinds of possibilities for action scenes with my Kaiju. Not that I recommend damaging your toys but since Striker Eureka fell over all by himself, when no one was home, I’ve discovered the silver lining. Come to think of it–no one was home. Maybe Striker Eureka’s fall was the act of one of the large Kaiju toys I have? Who knows what they get up to when no one is looking.

Otachi with Striker Eureka and Godzilla
Otachi with Striker Eureka and Godzilla
But I digress. For this scene I’ve also placed one of my larger Godzillas opposite Otachi. Will Godzilla save Striker Eureka? Or will Godzilla just crush the heroic Jaeger in his battle with Otachi?

On second thought, Godzilla tends not to fare well against female Kaiju. With the exception of Muto, Godzilla has been defeated by other known female Kaiju. Notably Godzilla was defeated by both Mothra and Biollante.

Oh well, maybe Godzilla will save Striker Eureka after all, or maybe the damaged Striker Eureka will assist Godzilla in defeating Otachi. Maybe Otachi will triumph–at least until Godzilla regenerates and comes back to avenge himself.

This is what happens when I set up scenes with my toys. I imagine all kinds of stories. It really is a ton of fun and a great creative outlet.

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