Godzilla Oblivion Issues #2 and #3 Reviews

Cover Godzilla Oblivion #2
Cover Godzilla Oblivion #2
Ok, so Godzilla Momma got the flu (like the actual CDC official flu) and it was horrible. Get your flu shots my Godzilla friends. Don’t suffer needlessly. But now I’m back.

Without a ton of spoilers: Godzilla Obliviion #2 picks up where issue #1 left off: Bad things are happening. Death, destruction and general mayhem are spreading throughout the world. People are unhappy. Governments are unhappy. Our protagonists, arguably our antagonists since their idiocy unleashed this horror upon an unsuspecting and heretofore pristine world, have been locked up by one of the aforementioned unhappy governments.

In desperation our protagonists are sprung, for the moment, by same said government to help save the world. Because the government is out of ideas and their military toys are about as effective as…toys. So the scientist and his minions spring into action. (I don’t know why the corporate idiot is lumped in with them). They come up with a plan, and their plan works! Which ends up making things not only worse but catastrophically worse.

Godzilla Oblivion #3 picks up where issue #2 left off (crazy, eh?): Bad things are happening. Death, destruction and general mayhem are spreading even farther and faster. People are starting to get bitter. Governments are transitioning from unhappy to panicky. Panicky is bad. The Government manages, all by itself, to make things go from catastrophically bad to worse.

THEN the scientists spring their little secret project on the world. Their project has been a nominal success, in that they successfully did what they meant to do. I don’t see how this will do anything but make things not just worse but catastrophically worse.

Seriously this is a 5 issue run and so far they’ve not just managed to make things worse for the people in the comics with each issue but their graph is exponential. I haven’t had this much fun with a comic since Godzilla Cataclysm. I’m heading out to my local comic book shop to pick up issue #4 today.

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