Godzilla Oblivion Hits The Ground Running

Godzilla Oblivion #1
Godzilla Oblivion #1
IDW’s latest Godzilla Comic Godzilla Oblivion is an amazing opening salvo for a first issue of a new comic run. Without giving too many spoilers I will say that the story is a brilliant twist on a science fiction staple. It is written with both style and whimsy while still handling the King of the Monsters with appropriate gravitas.

I enjoyed it so much I had to check the authors to see if it was the same superlative team that brought us Godzilla Cataclysm (which reminds me, I need to see which issue I’m missing so I can pick it up at the con next week). It’s not, but Godzilla Oblivion is so engaging that I am eager to see what the next issue will bring. This is another run that I will likely pick up all of the issues of for my collection. Check it out, you won’t be sorry.

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