Godzilla Resurgence Official Trailer!

April 14, 2016

So this was released while I was at work. This is just gorgeous and I cannot wait for this to hit the theaters. I must confess–this looks amazing! It looks like Godzilla got nuked and he is not amused. I so hope they do a US release. How exciting! And there is likely to be some sweet Godzilla swag after this beauty hits the theaters.


Godzilla Oblivion Hits The Ground Running

April 2, 2016

IDW’s latest Godzilla Comic Godzilla Oblivion is an amazing opening salvo for a first issue of a new comic run. Without giving too many spoilers I will say that the story is a brilliant twist on a science fiction staple. It is written with both style and whimsy while still handling the King of the Monsters with appropriate gravitas. I enjoyed it so much I had to check the authors…