GodzillaMomma at Emerald City Comic Con

imgres-1GodzillaMomma has tickets to the Emerald City Comic Con this year. I’m looking very much forward to the Bluefin booth and the Weta booth. There is also a delightful vendor with all kinds of nifty toys and collectables from Japan who shows up. I hope he’s there this year, I really do.

I was hoping to have a Biollante cosplay ready for the ECCC but work, illness and other things have just chewed up all of my time. I’ve designed the cosplay and have most of the materials. All I need is time and that is rapidly running out.

Also look for GodzillaMomma to review IDW’s latest Godzilla comic: Godzilla Oblivion. That will be upcoming along with reviews of movies and the latest Godzilla news.

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