SH FigureArts Ultraman

Ultraman figure courtesy  Blufin Distribution
Ultraman figure courtesy Blufin Distribution
So SH MonsterArts has a FigureArts division. Of course they do. For the 50th anniversary of Ultraman SH Figurearts is releasing an Ultraman 50th Anniversary Eddition figure. This high quality figure is due out in Summer of 2016. This figure comes with a ton of accessories too, including interchangable hands, spectrum ray effect parts and interchangable color timer, among other fun things.

Since Ultraman needs a foe to set up great battle scenes, they are also releasing an Alien Baltan figure.

There are a whole series of Ultraman figures already available from Bandai Tamashii Nation so don’t hesitate to browse Amazon or your favorite toy store to see if they carry them. I like Bluefin Distribution myself but that’s just because they seem to have everything.

I was just reminded that Blufin had a booth at last year’s Emerald City Comic Con. According to the ECCC exhibitors list they will have booth 2002 this year too. This is excellent news! Although perhaps not so much for my pocketbook.

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