Pacific Rim 2 Back in Play?

Pacific Rim II Movie Poster
Pacific Rim II Movie Poster
As recently as January 7, 2016 the hollywood reporter published an article that related the doom of the Pacific Rim sequel. This news was met with much wailing and gnashing of teeth amongst the fan base.

But there was a ray of hope. Legendary Studios was in possible talks regarding an acquisition by Wanda Studios of China. This would be good news because Pacific Rim played exceptionally well to Chinese audiences. While it only grosses $100 million in the states, it went on to gross $300 + million overseas, much of that in China and Japan. Yay!

Well the latest news is that Wanda did indeed buy Legendary studios and they are looking to keep profitable franchises going–especially ones that were profitable in China. This could be the answer, my Kaiju and Jaeger loving friends. Wanda may indeed save Pacific Rim 2.

Only time will tell for certain but we know that Guillermo del Toro is willing to direct the sequel. We know that he already submitted the story and budget proposal. And now we have a major studio with a stated interest in producing just the kind of movie Pacific Rim is–one that plays well with over seas audiences, especially China.

As I observed in my previous post about it: If now is not the perfect time for a Pacific Rim sequel, I don’t know when is.

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