A Magazine and Convention for Godzilla Fans

G-Fan Magazine Cover
G-Fan Magazine Cover
So, you may be wondering, what with all of the Comic Conventions going on all over the place–is there a convention dedicated to Godzilla and other Kaiju for fans? Well the answer to that would be yes, my friends. Yes there is.

It’s called G-Fest and it happens in the summer. This year G-Fest XXIII, as with previous G-fests, will be held in Chicago, IL. Specifically it will be held July 15 through July 17 at the beautiful Crowne Plaza Chicago O’Hare.

This festival regularly draws actors and actresses from some of our favorite shows and movies, including Ultra Q and other Ultra series. This year the guest of honor is actor Akira Takarada (OMG) who was in the original Gojira in 1954 as well as Godzilla 2014 as an immigration agent. Their guest list is worth a look if you have any inclination at all to go to the festival.

Now they’re having an early bird special to get your passes if you register before the February 28 deadline. Saves you a few dollars, you savvy con goer, you. Here’s a convenient link for you.

“But Godzilla Momma, Is it family friendly?” You might be wondering. Yes it is!

“is there a costume contest?” Yes there is!

Also an amateur video contest, an art contest and a music video contest. IF that’s not enough to excite and entertain there is a video game tournament too. Here is a friendly link to the contest page where you may ask questions and find out about registering.

G-Fest grew out of a fan publication called G-Fan and it’s a pretty good magazine. It’s a quarterly magazine, and mine always came in a plain brown wrapper, which made me giggle at disapproving neighbors. Aside from giving nosey prudish neighbors something to gossip about G-Fan is a really well done magazine with interesting articles, fan art and even original stories. It’s worth taking a look at if you enjoy Godzilla and all things Kaiju.

Oh and one last thing; if you are thinking about going to G-Fest, you might let the hotel know that’s what you’re there for. They might have special rates for the festival. I don’t know that they do, but it never hurts to ask.

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