Enter Mothra

Mothra is perhaps tied with Godzilla and Biollante for my favorite Kaiju. This is heresy I know and yet there it is. I even confess to liking the Mothra trilogy. Yes, I like it. I like DesGhidorah (Death Ghidorah) and the concept of a monster that feeds off of the life energy of plants and the natural world plays right into the strong ecological messages of Godzilla, Mothra, and even Gamera.

As an aside, I really love that King Ghidorah is utilized in so many ways as the archvillian for Mothra and Godzilla. King Ghidorah is a fabulous monster and gravity beam breath weapons are just amazing. Also, did you know that Ghidorah comes from the Japanese word for Hydra?

While Mothra’s first appearance was in her own film titled Mothra in 1961, Mothra went on to appear in 8 Godzilla movies in both larval and adult form and 3 more movies of her own. In Godzilla movies occasionally Mothra is an ally of Godzilla. Most often Mothra battles Godzilla. Mothra’s first appearance with Godzilla is in Godzilla vs. The Thing. This was the fourth installment of what became the Godzilla series of movies and was released in 1964, 10 years after the original Gojira was released. The movie was originally released as Mothra vs. Godzilla in Japan and returned to that title in later DVD releases.

The mythology that was created for Mothra is brilliant. It plays upon the familiar ideas of rebirth, in the style of a phoenix rising from its ashes, and ancient possibly even elder gods in a new way. With her little twin priestesses, Mothra is both monster and goddess. The life cycle of Mothra is to lay a single egg and upon her death the egg hatches and the next Mothra is born. Rarely twin larve are hatched and always with the song of the priestesses.

A notable exception to Mothra laying an egg before dying is in the Rebirth of Mothra it is the son, Mothra Leo who defeats Desghidorah. In the trilogy the twin priestesses are replaced by a race of tiny magical beings called the Elias. Only 3 survive a great holocaust caused by Desghidorah and they are the sisters: Belvera, Moll and Lora. Belvera is quite mad, probably from the grief of having her species all but wiped out.

SHMA Mothra on stand with other Mothras.
SHMA Mothra on stand with other Mothras.
SH MonsterArts has a gorgeous Mothra collectable. It comes with its own stand that cradles the body securely. Her body is a little over 4” in length and her wings are 13”. This is the traditional Godzila vs. Mothra in shape and coloring.

Since she is to scale she would be spectacular in a scene with any of the other SHMA figures. I like the way she catches the light on my Mothra shelf though. Perhaps at some point I will build a scene with her and some other figures.

SHMA also released a combined Mothra & Battra larva figures pack but, alas, I have not yet been able to get my hands on it. Mothra Larva have battled Godzila and other villians as often, if not more so than adult Mothra has. They are fierce little monsters and, if I may say so, represent the single best use of silly-string as an effect in a movie ever. (Disclaimer: I don’t know if it’s actually silly string but it sure does look like it.)

Speaking of Mothra larva, in the third movie of the Mothra stand alone trilogy, Mothra Leo travels back in time to fight a young King Ghidorah, space monster. He is gravely wounded during the battle and three prehistoric Mothra larva cocoon him to protect him while he heals. Those three prehistoric Mothra larva are very cool looking. I would not be disappointed if SHMA also made a figure pack of them.

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