More Gift Ideas For The Godzilla Fan On Your List

Godzilla Toys
Godzilla Toys
With Christmas just around the corner you might wonder what you can get that tough to buy for Godzilla fan on your list. Maybe she, or he, isn’t too interested in a Godzilla bank or S.H. Monster Arts figure like on the first list, or some subsequent reviews. Maybe he, or she, wants something to play with.

Might I suggest the egg series? These adorable little toys look like eggs but hatch into the various Godzillaverse (is that even a word?) characters. Just check out their cute little selves right here, starting with a classic Godzilla: 2014 Godzilla

Destroyah Gigan

A very egg looking King Ghidorah
How about Muto?

With prices ranging from $10 to $20 they are very affordable. There’s even a cute little Mothra:

There’s an adorable little Funko Pop Godzilla that’s also very affordable at just over $20.

Or Godzilla slippers to keep your tootsies warm on a cold night. I mean the person on your gift list’s tootsies.

A vinyl King Ghidorah at just barely over $20 is perfect for the Godzilla fan who just needs a few villians to set up an awesome action scene with her, or his, toys.

There is also the book Godzilla: The Art Of Destruction, which was published to coincide with the Legendary film Godzilla 2014. This has concept art and storyboards in it and is a fun read for someone interested in the makings of the movie. It’s beautifully illustrated.

The point is, it really is a golden era of Godzilla merch and you don’t have to break the bank to share some Godzilla love with the fan in your life.

Here’s a few bonus ideas:

And there’s always the gorgeous Jaegers from Pacific Rim. Like this beautiful Gipsy Danger

Or this spectacular Otachi:

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