SHMA Biollante

S. H. MonsterArts Biollante takes on Burning Godzilla.
S. H. MonsterArts Biollante takes on Burning Godzilla.
Another masterpiece from S.H. MonsterArts is Biollante from their articulation series. As with the other pieces from this collection Biollante is to scale and she is huge compared to Godzilla. This is another statement piece in a collection. Fully articulated she is ideal for setting up scenes with other figures in your collection.

Biollante has one of the most fascinating back stories of any Godzilla foe, if you ask me. Created by a scientist who spliced the genes of his dead daughter with a rose and Godzilla, Biollante is a chimera of unparalleled power. I would love to see Legendary update Biollante for their new run of Godzilla movies. I would love to see Toho update Biollante too, for that matter.

This figure appears to be a fairly limited run and already the prices are starting to rise as the availability becomes scarce. If your Godzilla fan doesn’t have this, this might be the perfect addition to their collection. Be prepared to lay down a few dollars for it though, it’s not cheap.

Please see the video of the articulation animation to truly appreciate how amazing and brilliantly detailed this piece is. There is a light in the heart of Biollante and a watch battery is not included. With the attention to detail and full articulation the S. H. MonsterArts Biollante is spectacular.

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