Gift Ideas For The Godzilla Fan In Your Life (Even If It’s You)

Gift Ideas for the Godzilla Fan In Your Life

This is a good time to be a Godzilla fan. There are many gift choices in a variety of price ranges to chose from for the Godzilla fan in your life. Most prices are what Amazon was showing at the time this article was written.

First up, in the mid-range price bracket is this adorable Godzilla Piggy Bank. It is available on Amazon or eBay. Just take a look at this video of how it operates. This bank clocks in at around $40 or so on Amazon.

Coming in at $30 on Amazon is the SDCC Exclusive Burning Godzilla Bust. This is a great bank for the collector on your gift list. It is a numbered limited edition bank. The coin cavity is fairly large but with the way the sticker was placed on the bottom of mine the sticker with the number in the series on it would have to be damaged to open it. Still a great add to any collection.

For a more modest priced piggy bank, coming in at around $27 on Amazon is the Diamond Select Classic 1998 Godzilla vinyl bank. This is a good sized piggy bank standing 12” tall and with a length of 18” with its spectacular tail. It holds quite a bit of change too.

Also avalible for just over $18 is the Diamond Select Mecha Godzilla Vinyl Bust Bank. Like the Buring Godzilla the cavity that holds coins is fairly large for an 8” bank. Access is at the bottom to retrieve your coins and with no limited edition sticker to worry about it’s great for coins.

If your budget is a bit more modest there is the absolutely gorgeous Diamond Select King Ghidorah Vinyl Bust bank. It only stands 8” tall but the wings are breathtaking and span close to 12”. The coin cavity is small too but this bank is a showstopper visually. This bank comes in at just over $17.

Or if you have a bit more to spend, on the high end for coin banks is this little beauty, coming in at a rather jaw-dropping $106

If banks aren’t your thing, or the thing of your Godzilla fan there are also plushies. I know, when you think of Godzilla probably the last thing that comes to mind is a plush and yet here they are.

There is a Godzilla New Design 15” plush for approximately $44. It’s good sized and very cuddly. Although I wouldn’t get caught cuddling it, especially by Zombie Godzilla from Giant Monsters All Out Attack.

For slightly less, coming in at about $28 is the rainbow Mothra plush. This isn’t quite as cuddly as Godzilla but it is beautiful and fun to play with.

There is also an adorable little TY beanie King Ghidorah for $26. Standing 9” tall and with beautiful golden wings it’s fabulous. You might want to order this one soon if you want to have it by Christmas. It’s coming from Japan.

Clothing and accessories are always a fun way to announce your fandom of choice. In the Godzillaverse there are now a variety of clothing options and even a wallet.

What’s in your wallet? Godzilla! And reasonably priced at $14.

Or if your fan is more of an old school Godzilla fan there is a wallet based upon the original 1956 movie poster and it is a mere $8

Does that say stocking stuffer or what?

There are a variety of hoodies also. They say men’s but don’t let that stop you if your fan is a woman. For $30 you can get them this beautiful Godzilla vs. Mothra hoodie.

Or for the cosplayer in your family there is this Godzilla costume hoodie

For the serious collector, or for the Godzilla fan who has everything else there are the S. H. MonsterArts articulated figures. These figures are all to scale with one another and fully articulated for posable action fun. They are not for young children as the ball joints are sometimes a bit delicate but teen and adult fans will find them delightful. They come with price tags to match the artistry and beauty of these figures.

Godzilla Momma is going to run a whole series on these but for your quick shopping here are just a few of them.

Since we’re talking about S.H. MonsterArts they also have a gorgeous Predator and Alien as well as King Kong for those fans.

Check them out:

Predator is reasonably priced at $45.

$45 for the alien warrior, that’s a great price for a piece that will stand out in any collection. Only $39 for Alien Big Chap is even more affordable.

King Kong, however; is just over $122.

GodzillaMomma will be posting more articles about collectables too but this will get everyone started, and just in time for Black Friday.

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